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In an effort to minimize stress, we have put together a timetable of tasks to do before your move.

Preparation timetable:

As soon as possible:

Deciding on a mover you can trust is the first thing to consider. Men On The Move is committed to making this the easiest part of your move. Call Men on the Move for a free estimate. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Now is also the time to determine which items which you want to keep, sell, donate, or throw away. Consider having a moving sale — if you can’t use it, don’t move it! There many non-profits that will be thrilled to accept your cast-offs.

Four weeks before your move:

Inventory – List each possession, its purchase date, and its value.

Address Change – File a change of address form with the Post Office for each person receiving mail at your home. The Post Office can supply you with address change cards to send to creditors, magazines, clubs, etc.

Medical/Dental – Obtain family records and ask for referrals from your doctor and dentist. Also, get copies of prescriptions.

Utilities – Contact your local utilities to have your service turned off after your departure. Contact utilities in your new city for connections.

Schools – Notify your children’s schools of your impending move. Take steps necessary to enroll your children at schools in your new location.

Packing – It’s never too soon to start, but you certainly should begin within a month before moving. Start by packing items which are needed less frequently and work your way up to items that are used daily. If you pack just 4 boxes every day, you will have packed 120 in a month. While that sounds like a lot of boxes, you may be surprised at how many boxes it takes to pack all of your items (ask your moving consultant about providing our reasonably priced packing materials).

Three weeks before your move:

Make a rough sketch of the floor plan of your new home and determine the placement of your furnishings.

Make a list of names, addresses and phone numbers you might need.

Make arrangements to move your plants and pets. Be sure and pack some of your pets “home” items where you can easily get to them once your pet arrives.

Insurance – Check with your homeowners insurance company to see if you may need additional insurance to cover your move. Also make arrangements to transfer your policy to cover your new address.

Two weeks before your move:

Phones – Make arrangements to discontinue your local telephone service and to reestablish service in your new location. To insure continuous communication during your move, we suggest scheduling your old phone disconnection on the day after your move and we suggest scheduling your new phone connection on the day before your move.

Have your automobile(s) serviced. Plan your trip to your new destination. Make arrangements for disconnecting and reconnecting your appliances. Discontinue services such as newspaper, trash pickup, lawn service, etc. and arrange for service in your new location.

* Men on the Move cannot transport flammable or explosive materials. Dispose of items such as gasoline, cleaning fluids, pressurized or aerosol cans, and ammunition.

One week before your move:

Transfer bank and savings accounts. Arrange for payment of your move. Unless prior arrangements have been approved by Men On The Move, payment by cash or money order is required before unloading.

Determine which items you’re taking with you. Pack these items and set aside in a designated area.

Prepare all of your valuables (money, jewelry, etc.) for placement in a safety deposit box or for you to move prior to moving day. Drain the fuel from lawnmowers and other power equipment.

One day before your move:

Pack a box of “Got To Have” items. These are items which you will need as soon as you arrive at your new home. Snacks, bathroom items, paper plates and cups, small tools, and trash bags are just a few items you may want to pack in this box. You probably should transport this box yourself, otherwise make sure your mover loads it last and unloads it first.

Make sure all of your valuables are stored in a safety deposit box, or are ready for you to move.

If you have used our packing service, make sure all packing services have been performed before you sign for them. Defrost and thoroughly clean and dry the refrigerator.

Moving day:

Be on hand when our driver arrives and throughout the loading process. Accompany the driver during his inventory. Check on the condition of your goods as they are loaded. Make sure that nothing in your home has been overlooked. Sign the bill of loading and make sure your new address and phone number are correct. Give your driver directions as required. Lock all windows and doors, and turn off all switches. Be on hand to pay the driver with cash, traveler’s check, or money order prior to your goods being unloaded.